Their is no argument to the fact that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us and poses great challenges to educators, school leaders, and school communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

As we survey the current education field, we take time to ponder essential questions and to reflect on the challenges and opportunities brought to our classrooms by rapid changes in the modern and digital society.

Gozio Digitech aims to provide solutions to the following:
● Qualities and skills required for 21st century educators and learners to thrive in the rapidly changing future.
● The role of collaboration in engaging innovations not just in education
but in the real world.
● How educators can leverage on technological tools to prepare students for a future that is so exciting and challenging, yet also full of uncertainty

● promote student-centered learning, help educators design learning environments and activities that promote 21st century skills.

●  assist school leaders in understanding the needs, challenges, and opportunities in
integrating technology tools in designing innovative learning environments that
promote collaboration. 

  • Testimonials From Our Training Participants

    Good evening all...let me first of all appreciate the facilitators of yesterday's training programme. The programme was in indeed worth every single naira and more.  It was indeed an expose into the world of GOOGLE. We were exposed to Google Tools and how they could be explored and exploited for educational and business purposes.

    I was particularly impressed at the way the resource persons took time to explain each tool and how to navigate through them in getting the best out of them.  The wonderful thing about the whole training was that it was both practical an interactive.  I sincerely encourage educators, educational institutions, business developers and owners to take advantage of any of these unique trainings to upgrade themselves in the use of these Google Tools. Thanks.

    Nazareth School, Port Harcourt

We have organized several training & Boot camps for educators and learners in Lagos and Port Harcourt Nigeria on;

  • Flipped Learning
  • Video Content Creation
  • Animation & Photoshop
  • Virtual Classroom technology
  • Digital Content creation
  • Google Tools for Education and Corporate branding etc.

We have helped some schools achieve success in 21st century learning methodologies. Try us today.